Pest and Building Inspection Reports

The prime purpose of a Pre- Purchase Pest and Building Report is to identify visual evidence of Any building faults timber pest, any structural damage, and/or activity.

We all know buying a home is one of our biggest investments in your finical future.

A Pre-purchase property inspection will assist you in deciding whether the current condition of the property has any hidden secrets. A building and pest inspection report, if used wisely is also a very handy negotiating tool It can quickly help you decide if the current condition of the property.
In your inspection all conditions will be reported on.
  • Interior Condition.
    All covering from the flooring and floor coverings, and walls through to ceilings and everything in between.  We will report on the condition of each item and whether it is in good condition or requiring repair.
  • Roofing Condition.
    On inspecting the roof void we will report on the condition of all beams, rafters, insulation, roof covering eg tiles and all recommendations and requirement for repairs will be noted.
  • Insulation condition.
    When inspecting the roof void we will assess the condition and function of the insulation in place at the property and list any maintenance requirements and recommendations.
  • Plumbing Condition.
    When carrying out an inspection, taps, drainage and pipes are checked. This is done by checking all taps/ shower heads are of a working serviceable condition with no leaks or replacement required. Toilets are flushed to ensure they are in working order. All visible pipe work is checked for leaks or required repairs. We check to ensure all gutters and downpipes are serviceable and have proper connections to drainage. Wet areas are check for correct water proofing and any repairs required will be noted on the report.

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A Pre-Purchase inspections give you a detailed report on the condition of your future property, inside and out.

Q: What will the inspection cover?

A: Sydney Pre-Purchase, Pest & Building Inspections examins all the major systems and structural elements of the property. This includes the condition, at the time of the inspection, of the property's landscaping, heating and air conditioning systems, electrical systems, plumbing, roof, foundation, roofvoid and visible insulation, walls, doors, windows and all visible structure.

Q: How long will the inspection take?

A: The time depends on the size, age, and condition of the property.
Most inspections take between one to two hours. For any additional services (such as infrared pest inspection) may take longer.

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Structural Engineer Report
Dilapidation Report
Special Purpose Inspection
Expert Witness

Why use Sydney Pest and Building Inspections for your Pre-Purchase Report

Five Good Reasons Why

  1.     Professional Indemnity Insurance
  2.     Licensed and Accredited Pre-Purchase Inspectors
  3.     Comprehensive Reports with Photos
  4.     Report turnaround in 24 to 48 Hours
  5.     We have many satisfied clients